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Crescent Metals

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Crescent Metals

Local Metal Fabrication

All our roofing and siding panels, along with the trim accessories (rake, eave, ridge, etc. ), are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Stillwater, Maine. The remainder of our metal roofing products are in stock and ready for delivery to your job site. All our products are chosen for their quality and value. Most orders are filled in 24 hours.

Metal Panels

  • Great for Siding or Roofing
  • Available in Screwdown & Hidden Fastener
  • Panel Lengths from 4’ to 48’ (Delivery to 26’)
  • Color Matched Screws
  • 40 Year Limited Paint Warranty

Metal Trim

Trim accessories are the metal parts that complete a metal roofing or siding job. Items for roofs such as eave and rake trim, end and sidewall flashing, and ridge caps. Siding trim includes base flashing, corner trim, drip cap, and J-channel.

  • Stock Trim Length = 10’3” (allows full 10’ exposure)
  • Custom Trim Lengths Available Up To 20’
  • Available in 17 Colors to compliment your Roof or Siding
  • We stock the most common Trims in all colors for quick order processing.

Foam Closures

Foam closures are used to fill the gaps at the ends of metal roof panels. They are designed to keep out moisture and insects.

There are two basic types:

  1. Eave Closures are used at the lower end of the panel. They go between the bottom of the metal roof panel and the roof surface. Typical uses are at eaves and roof pitch transitions.
  2. Ridge Closures are used at the upper end of the panel. They go between the top of the metal roof panel and the metal trim that laps over it. Typical uses are at ridges and roof pitch transitions. For ridge caps, there are vented and non-vented ridge closures.

Metal Screws

  • Colors to match all Panels & Trim
  • Neoprene Washer protected by a Metal Cap
  • To determine the number of screws for Screwdown Roofing & Siding Panels, take the total linear feet of panels and multiply by 2.72.
  • To Determine # of Screws for Trim Accessories: Take the total linear feet of Trim and multiply by .75
  • Sold in bags of 250
  • Galvanized Pancake Screws available for hidden Fastener Panels

Roof Boots

  • For Pipes from 1/4″ to 7″ Diameter
  • Marked diameters on each flashing
  • Soft Aluminum Base easily conforms to all Metal Roof profiles and pitches.
  • The wrap-around design of Retro-Fit Boot used for Electrical Mastheads on Roofs.

Paint & Caulking

  • Complete your job with Touch-up Paint. Available for all our stock colors.
  • Color Matched Caulking to seal all Joints and Seams.

Excellent Delivery Service

Crescent Lumber has a fleet of delivery trucks for quick, reliable delivery. For every level of the project, we will get your building materials to you. All of our locations have trucks ready to deliver your order. Same-day delivery is available for qualifying orders. When you need to get your building materials to the site, Crescent delivers!