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Put a colorful finish on your project

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A Splash of Color

Paint is the crucial finishing touch on most projects. After you finish building, don’t forget to add the right finish! Color can really make a project pop. Crescent Lumber has you covered.

The Corinth location is our painting headquarters, but we can take care of all your needs from any location. Our staff can help you pick your colors, blend custom colors, and set you up with all the brushes, rollers, and tape you need. We have the name brands and custom colors.

Paint Mixing

To help create the perfect shade, we mix paints at our Corinth store. If you want an exact unique color, we will create it for you right here. Customize your colors for your project.

Helpful Tips

Our staff will assist you every step of the way and offer helpful hints to make your painting go smoothly. We will set you up with all the paint and accessories you will need. Let Crescent Lumber help add that final splash of color to your project!