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Best Quality Lumber

Crescent Lumber takes great care to make sure you receive the best lumber available. All our lumber is properly treated and stored to insure you get the best possible wood. Maine is known for its lumber industry, and Crescent Lumber proudly carries on that tradition. Lumber is in our name for a reason. When it comes to building materials, lumber is the cornerstone of our business.

Out of Weather Storage

Even the best lumber is no good if it’s stored incorrectly. At Crescent Lumber, we feature out of the weather storage and loading areas. We keep all of our wood out of the elements so it is in great shape when you receive it. Wood that is properly stored is just another advantage you get with us.

Excellent Delivery Service

Crescent Lumber has a fleet of delivery trucks for quick, reliable delivery from any one of our locations. We offer free local delivery, and same day delivery is available for qualifying orders. When you need to get your building materials to the site, Crescent delivers!

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