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Hardware & Tools

Crescent Lumber also has the nuts and bolts for your project. No detail is too small. We have the best selection of hardware and fixtures around.

From tools to glue to nails, you’ll find it at Crescent. All of our stores have a wide selection of products, and access to everything you need. When you think of construction and remodeling projects, think of Crescent every step of the way.

Corinth Store

Our Corinth location specializes in hardware and paint. We have a wide selection of tools and fixtures in stock at all times. If you need a special tool or replace a worn-out one, come to Corinth and browse our selection.

Assorted Fixtures

Hardware isn’t just hammers and nails. We also offer fixtures like doorknobs and hinges, as well as brackets, chains, and fasteners. If you use it to build things, odds are we carry it. Crescent Lumber takes care of all the details from start to finish on your project.